Join me in Food To Frame – food photography course for aspiring food photographers and bloggers




Join me in Food To Frame – food photography course for aspiring food photographers and bloggers

The course is currently closed for enrollments, but you can join the waitlist so you don’t miss when it opens again!

This could be you:

You are able to get your creative juices flowing creating breathtaking images that stand out from the crowd.

You are able to create seamless (but intentional!) stylings, compositions and edits within minutes

You are more organized and know what you want out of the photoshoot from the get-go!

You feel confident taking on clients and get paid for what you love to do!

I feel your pain!

You take over 100 useless images to get only two or three acceptable.

You spend the entire day shooting and end up frustrated because none of the images look like you imagined it in your head

You struggle with finding fresh ideas and feel like your images are just a copy of everyone else’s.

I got you covered with my new mastermind

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Food To Frame is a 6-week program designed to take the guesswork out of your food photography process and help you create images that stand out and get you clients!

Let me help you grow to be the creator that you want to be!

Food narrative

Using props, angles, lighting and much more to create an atmosphere and a food story that moves the viewer.

Illuminate the food

Light the scene so it makes people stop and think with easy-to-follow techniques.

Edit for yum!

Making food look appetizing but still realistic is a fine balance. We’ll cover all the important detail to achieve just that!

40+ video lessons and worksheets

With over 40 video tutorialsvideo demonstrationsstyling sessionsworksheets and cheatsheets in 6 modules, you’ll get a full insight into my food photography process in an easy-to-follow structured way. You’ll learn to recognize, use and manipulate natural light, create stunning and effortless compositions and stylings with emotional storytelling and edit your images like a pro.

That’s 8+ hours of hands-on lesson with case studies and real-life examples and 6+ hours of lighting, styling end editing sessions.

Guided exercises and assignments

Put what you learn into practice through 40 + short and simple guided exercises and assignments that are meant to implement all the knowledge gained through the lessons.

The exercises are completely self-paced and easy to follow.

3 bi-weekly live calls

Through 3 live bi-weekly Q&A sessions, you’ll be able to get all your burning questions answered and talk to me and other students live in a Zoom call.

We’ll discuss any questions that might turn up during the lessons or practice.

Access to a private community

In the private Facebook Community, you’ll be able to ask questions, post your progress, ask for advicemeet other students in the community and get feedback from your peers and myself.

The community is meant to build a support structure and accountability.

What’s in the course?

How to work your camera to bring your vision to life + what gear you need and what to look for when you’re buying.


What equipment do you need for food photography?

Lenses and focal lengths

Why is manual mode better than auto modes?

Exposure and exposure triangle

How do you pick aperture, shutters speed and ISO

Metering mode and histogram

Getting the white balance correct


How to observe, find and manipulate light to create different styles of photography.


Get to know your environment

Light dynamics: intensity of light

Light dynamics: Color of natural light

Light dynamics: Direction of light

Light dynamics: apparent size + softness/hardness of light

Modifying light

BONUS lighting session

How to easily create jaw-dropping compositions, use compositional rules and techniques, work the camera angles and work with colors.


Basic rules of composition

Balance and visual weight

Creating lines, curves and shapes

Textures, layers and interactions

Framing and cropping

Colors in food photography

Camera angles and orientation

BONUS styling session

Create picture-perfect styling and add emotional storytelling to your images. I will also take you through my styling and storytelling secrets, multiple styling sessions and my tricks to making sure each dish you style comes out perfect.


Tell a food story

Props & backdrops

Create appetizing dishes

The most useful styling tips

Styling napkins

3 BONUS styling sessions

How to find and evolve your style, become organized and more productive and grow as a creative.


Goals and mindset

Finding and evolving your style

Reading images

Inspiration and ideas

Planning and organizing your creative process

Learn how Lightroom works, how to organize your editing workflow and edit the images beautifully as well as efficiently.


Backup, organization and importing

Useful Lightroom tips and shortcuts

Composition tools

Color, contrast and texture


Sharpening and noise removal

Exporting photos

2 BONUS editing sessions with RAW files

BONUS: Power of Instagram Mastermind

A workshop dedicated to learning how to craft and use Instagram to grow an audience, built your community and leverage that to earn an income.

BONUS: Demonstration Video Of Anja’s Entire Process From Planning To Editing

Watch me go through planning, organizing, executing and editing by following me on an entire photoshoot

BONUS: Creating A Stying Kit

See what’s in my styling kit and a few of my favorite styling secrets

“The way that Anja is explaining every module it makes very easy to understand and follow through.

After a few modules, I already saw a big improvement in my photos and the way that I think about the photos. It’s very informative and the live Q&As are a great way to learn more and connect with each other.”


“If you want to elevate your photography skills, Food to frame is definitely the course that is worth investing in.

I loved every second of this course. Full of tips and tools for immediate use and everything comes to a place with all the behind-the-scenes videos. Thank you Anja for this amazing food photography journey and for being so supportive during and also after the course finished.”


“I can’t imagine taking a better food photography course.

Food to Frame includes everything a beginner (and intermediate) food photographer needs to improve. I loved the course and can honestly say this is the one course I’ll be going back to again and again.”


Anja Burgar

Meet your instructor

Hi 🙂 I’m Anja. I live in a small but extremely picturesque country called Slovenia and my official education is in ecology. I love nature and take inspiration from it every day, but I found my calling in food photography.

In my mid-twenties I felt lost and didn’t know what my passion is. After leaving my dead-end job to take time and figure out what I wanted in life, I started my blog Use Your Noodles out of my love of food. Little did I know, that that was exactly how I’d find my passion.

A mix of love for food, cooking and photography got me to work for international clients on a daily basis and being featured in magazines worldwide. Whenever I’m not behind the camera, you’ll find me constantly talking about photography (and you’ll have a hard time stopping me!). I believe knowledge is there to be shared and so I’m sharing mine with this community through in-person and online workshops and now also courses.

I’m happy to have you here with me, so we can learn together.

This course IS for you if

you are new to food photography and styling

you have been in the food photography sphere for a while but you just can’t find your style or feel like you’re in a creative rut

you’re a food blogger who wants to get more audience by creating beautifully styled and presented images of your recipes

you’re a creative who wants to learn by guided exercies and are willing to put time into practice

you’re trying to make your food photography process more organized and get paid for what you do

This course IS NOT for you if

your skills are off the roof and you already work for well-paid clients

you’re not into practice and simply want a crash course

you’re a photographer but food or still life isn’t your thing

You get all of this:

  • Lifetime access to the Food To Frame Course
  • 14+ hours of instructional video lessons & styling and demonstration videos
  • 6 printable workbooks with 90+ pages altogether
  • Printable worksheets and cheatsheets
  • 3 bi-weekly live Q&A sessions
  • 40 + guided exercises and assignments
  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • BONUS: 1-hour Power of Instagram Mastermind
  • BONUS: Creating A Stying Kit
  • BONUS: 2-hour Demonstration Video Of Anja’s Entire Process From Planning To Editing
  • plus some secret bonuses!
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The first module opens on March 6th. Each Sunday for the next 6 weeks, you’ll get access to a new module.

You will receive one module each week for six weeks. The course is completely self-paced and so are the exercises, with a live Q&A session every other week. After the initial 6 weeks, you’ll have all 6 modules and all the bonuses to go back to whenever you need to.

Yes, the course is there for you whenever you need it. If we stop selling the course you will receive all the materials for download, so you can keep access to them.

Unfortunately, this time around we still don’t have a payment plan. However, we are sure that after finishing the course and doing your homework, you’ll be able to get this money back in no time.

No, you can use any camera or a phone. The course is structured so that you can follow it even with your phone. However, a DSLR will give you the most control over the final photo. That being said, we talk about what to look for when buying a camera, so if you’re in the process of upgrading, we suggest you wait until module 1, before doing that.

I know how you feel. Time is so valuable. Enrolling into Food To Frame Course will save you so many hours of scrolling through YouTube and reading articles. The course is structured so you progress in a specific way.

Yes, for sure. This course was made with students with beginner and intermediate knowledge of light, composition, styling and editing. It is built to give you confidence and get to the next level.

The course is built with beginners and intermediates in mind, however, if you’d like to refresh on the basics you are more than welcome.

No worries. I’m available at [email protected] for any questions or concerns you might have. Shoot me an email and we’ll talk!

Of course! There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. If after 30 days from receiving the first lessons, implementing the lessons and completing the exercises and assignments of at least two modules you see no progress let me know and I’ll give you a refund.

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Get on the bandwagon

with Anja Burgar from Use Your Noodles as she takes you on a journey through learning the foundations of food photography.

This self-paced photography course contains hours of behind-the-scenes videos, lessons, and workbooks that contain all the important information from the lessons. The course includes a large number of short exercises that help you bring everything you learn into practice.


Drop me and email and let's talk



Drop me and email and let's talk