Moody Food Preset Collection (Desktop + Mobile)


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Do you want your photos to take on a moody, sophisticated, mysterious look and have people not only to stop and drool over the food but also understand the story behind it?

Imagine running a preset over your photos while never having to think to yourself ‘my photo looks nothing like I imagined it in my head’ or being frustrated trying out every Lightroom slider and setting again and again while not getting the result you want.


  • Moody undertone – meaning you can say hello to enticing mysterious photos every time
  • Instant application – so you can easily achieve the moody look by simply pressing a button, which saves you time in editing and spend more time photographing
  • Carefully crafted – helping you step up your photography game today with tried and tested settings


  • 17 moody food photography presets for Adobe Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC or Camera Raw, and Adobe Lightroom Mobile App
  • both .lrtemplate (for users with Lightroom version 7.2 or earlier) and .xmp files (for users with Lightroom version 7.3 or later) for desktop and .dng files for Lightroom mobile
  • Pdf and video guides to importing and using presets in LR and ACR and LR mobile

If you to spend fewer hours in front of the screen and more hours creating new beautiful photos then this Moody Food Preset Collection is for you. While you might love editing, I’m sure you also want your photos to look pretty fast without having to work on them for hours.

Throughout the years of my food photography journey, I’ve come to narrow the presets down to this bundle that I use pretty much in all my food photos which helped me build my almost 85k following on Instagram. They work in various lighting situations and on different surfaces. And they are now available to you.

Having a few essential presets that are highly adjustable will save you so much time and make your photos look cohesive.