Let's talk about food photography equipment because who doesn't love a chat about what gear you need as a professional food photographer?
You should start and build your email list no matter what you do. If you are a content creator or food photographer then this is for you.
If done correctly, artificial light can elevate your food photography process and make it easier to handle long photoshoots while producing a consistent look. However, it takes some understanding of the basics of light to make it look natural.
Curious about photography backdrops and how to mix them in your food photography work? There are a number of ways you can mix and match backdrops and I hope my ideas will give you a creative boost for your work!
I'm back with a few of my old photos, which I'm not too happy about. In general, I like the look of them, but there's a lot that could be improved. You can watch it right here below.
Following the pattern is a natural thing to do, but breaking the pattern is what makes the food photo truly stand out!
Splashes in drink photography are so much fun right? In my opinion, they brighten up photos of drinks and just make them exciting to look at.
With these simple tips for editing dark and moody photos, you'll be able to make your images pop and create stunning imagery with ease.
Number One Mistake Newbie Food Photographers Make
When it comes to interesting out-of-the-box techniques repetition in food photography is definitely the one to look out for.
There's a trend in busy composition that you can see on Instagram. With these food photography tips you'll be able to know how to style the scene so your dish is still the hero.
These three common food photography editing mistakes can be ruining your food photos, but you can fix that easily.
Hands in frame add a human element to food, which brings food to life in a completely new way and make a scene look very natura
Free Online Food Photography Creative Community
With these tips, you'll be able to build a beautiful versatile food photography prop collection that won't break your budget.
With this easy tutorial on how to create a cohesive Instagram feed you'll be able to create a beautiful eyecatching IG feed!
Are you just as in love with action shots in food photography as I am? Do you struggle with catching the right moment and have problems with perfect timing. You're in the right place!
Watch my food styling process of this shrimp pasta dish from start to finish in a time-lapse.
There is so much photography equipment out there but is all that necessary to create beautiful food photos. No, definitely not! Today, I’m sharing a few food photography equipment essentials, that I feel are necessary to produce great shots.
there are so many choices for free or really cheap backdrops that there's no need to go for expensive stuff.
I've gathered some common mistakes in food photography and added some simple fixes that will take your food photography to the next level.

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and start taking better food photos now.

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