Drink photography is a captivating area of photography, but it is often surrounded by a variety of myths and misconceptions. I can say from my personal experiences, that these myths were holding me back in my work as I was discovering photographing drinks.
Drink photography is growing in popularity on social media platforms, and many beverage brands require outstanding drink photos, which is where your beverage photography skills help immensely.
Here are my best food photography tips for you to take sharp photos when using a tripod.
Finding new clients does not mean waiting for prospective clients to find you via Google search or Instagram. It means being proactive in both presenting your work to the random eyeballs (aka posting online) and actively reaching out to new potential clients.
In food photography, mastering client communication is just as crucial as taking the perfect shot. This guide will walk you through the essential steps to ensure seamless client interactions and create the type of photos that will leave your clients wanting more.
Discover 5 unexpected methods to enhance your drink photography. From adding movement to embracing messiness, these tips will revolutionize your photography game. Ready for your photos to capture the eye? Dive in now!
Incredible tips for festive food photography! I am sharing a few things I pay attention too when I take festive food photos during the Christmas time and New Year’s festivities.
Creating depth in food photos is often spoken about, but what does it really mean? A simple way to creating depth in your food photography.
In the eight years I’ve been taking photos of food, I learned how to collect the best food styling props that don’t break your budget. What I found is that often, the most used props are not the ones that cost the most.
Here are four essential composition tips that will transform your food photography, adding flow and a natural feel to your photos.
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Uncover the secrets to an exceptional photography portfolio that will bring in trusted, high-quality clients and leave you confident AF.
A food story is the secret sauce of any food photo. It engages the senses and evokes emotions in the viewer.
As a creator, how do you handle the free work requests? Read further to see all the traps you need to avoid.
Client pitching is absolutely necessary if you are an aspiring photographer looking to secure more gigs and expand your client base.
Taking time off work can teach you valuable business lessons. In this article, I am sharing 5 things I learned over my four weeks away.
Cocktail photography is a beautiful and exciting genre of photography that showcases the creativity and elegance of mixology. In this post, I will share how I shot a refreshing Summer cocktail.
Learn how to take stunning drink photos with these 8 tips & tricks! From the rule of odds to backlighting and adding human elements, these simple techniques will help you create beautiful and memorable photos. Get ready to capture your next amazing drink photo!
Take a look at how I styled a cup of cocoa. From how I created the composition to how I faked the cream!
Elevate your food photography with negative space. Learn how to create balance, depth & impact. Techniques & examples included!
Today I'm sharing 7 ways you can make money as a food photographer. So without further ado, here are the things you can do to make your money this year!
Let's talk about food photography equipment because who doesn't love a chat about what gear you need as a professional food photographer?
You should start and build your email list no matter what you do. If you are a content creator or food photographer then this is for you.
If done correctly, artificial light can elevate your food photography process and make it easier to handle long photoshoots while producing a consistent look. However, it takes some understanding of the basics of light to make it look natural.
Curious about photography backdrops and how to mix them in your food photography work? There are a number of ways you can mix and match backdrops and I hope my ideas will give you a creative boost for your work!
I'm back with a few of my old photos, which I'm not too happy about. In general, I like the look of them, but there's a lot that could be improved. You can watch it right here below.
Following the pattern is a natural thing to do, but breaking the pattern is what makes the food photo truly stand out!
Splashes in drink photography are so much fun right? In my opinion, they brighten up photos of drinks and just make them exciting to look at.

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and start taking better food photos now.

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