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3 Strategies To Improve Your Client Pitching

Client pitching is absolutely necessary if you are an aspiring photographer looking to secure more gigs and expand your client base.

Client pitching is absolutely necessary if you are an aspiring photographer looking to secure more gigs and expand your client base.

The key to getting great photography clients is showcasing your skills and making a lasting impression on potential clients.

In this article, we are going to delve into three powerful ways to improve your pitching game and help you land those wanted photography gigs:

These strategies will help set yourself up for success in the competitive world of photography.

1. Be selective in your outreach

One of the most common mistakes photographers make is casting too wide a net when reaching out to potential clients.

Instead, shift your focus towards a more selective approach. Identify and reach out to the brands that resonate with your artistic vision and style. Clients are more likely to hire photographers who are genuinely interested in their brand and products because they will know you absolutely want the best for them. This not only demonstrates your commitment but also increases your chances of building long-term partnerships.

2. Present your creative vision through mood boards

As a visual creator, capturing a potential client’s attention requires more than just words. You can explain all you want about how you can help them, but most clients will have no idea how that translates to the actual photos. You need to visually convey your ideas.

A highly effective method is to create mood boards or vision boards. These boards provide a glimpse into your creative process and show how you envision their products in photos.

One of my absolute favorite ways to create mood boards is to use Pinterest to curate a selection of images for the mood board. Then create an on-brand simple mood board in Canva.

By giving a brand you are pitching a tangible representation of your concepts, you’re more likely to stand out and leave a memorable impression on potential clients.

What is more, they will know you wrote to them with a very clear idea to work with them in contrast to a ton of generic pitch emails they are most likely getting every day.

3. Craft a tailored portfolio

Your portfolio serves as your professional calling card, so it is crucial to tailor it to your target clients. 

Showcase a curated selection of photos, videos, or gifs that resonate with the specific brands you aspire to work with.

Consider the preferences and aesthetics of your ideal clients when selecting portfolio pieces.

Strive to include fewer images that reflect the style and values of those brands. This approach allows potential clients to envision your work aligning seamlessly with their vision.

Remember, it’s better to showcase a few exceptional pieces that truly resonate rather than flooding them with a page chock-full of unrelated photographs.

Securing photography gigs demands a combination of skills, strategy, and a personalized approach. Adopt these three strategies – targeted outreach, creative mood boards, and a tailored portfolio – and you’ll massively improve your chances of making a lasting impression on potential clients. 

Remember, it’s not just about the technical photography skills but also your ability to connect with brands and convey your artistic vision effectively.

As you implement these strategies, watch your photography gigs skyrocket and your brand thrive in the competitive photography industry.