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Join My Free Food Photography Creative Community!

Free Online Food Photography Creative Community

I’ve finally put out the food photography creative community I’ve been meaning to open since a year ago. I’m amazed by all the kind creative people I already have on my mailing list. And if you’re not one of them, I would love you to join RIGHT NOW!

Because today we’re officially opening the Use Your Noodles Creative Community group on Facebook.

The reason I wanted to join you all in one group is because I want you to find inspiration and friends, share love and your work. So if you’re not sure whether to join or not, let me tell you why you need to join today!


– Exposure and community

In this busy modern world it’s easy to get disconnected with your community, but our FB group is all about keeping the community, share your work, appreciate the work of other’s, find new friends and talk about the topic we love most – food photography.

– Free resources all in one place

All the downloadable freebies I offer will be there in the group, so you can easily find them.

– Feedback

Every week we’ll feature one image for feedback and everyone in community can help with advice, critics, praise, suggestions.

– Questions answered

You’ll have the chance to ask questions on anything food photography related and get answers from me and the community.

– Live Q&As

I’ll host at least two live Q&As a year, where you’ll have the chance to ask me anything food photography related and I’ll be there answering live.

How can you join?

Sign up in the form below and you’ll get instant access to the community 🙂

And please make sure to introduce yourself to everyone!

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